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An environmental tale featuring a feisty rooster and his beloved hen.

The story of Angkor Roo is about a rooster whose beloved hen dies from eating plastic waste disposed from the village market. He implores the Apsara god to bring her back to life. She agrees, but only if he becomes an advocate to alert the villagers to change their ways.

When the targeted audiences return to their villages from the performance they will hear next morning the rooster’s calls – a reminder to reduce and collect their plastic waste. The power of this message, via nature’s daily calls (from the rooster), is what Ocean Recovery Alliance calls “Eco Repetition”.

The show uses modern spoken drama, slapstick, traditional hand-made leather puppets, dramatic costumes and a mix of traditional Khmer and western instruments.

Created in collaboration with Plastic Free Cambodia and Ocean Recovery Alliance.

The show will become part of Bambu Stage’s 2019 season and we hope to take it on tour to NGOs and schools across the country.

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