An environmental tale featuring a feisty rooster and his beloved hen.

In 2018, gaining regional recognition, the puppets were given a grant by the World Ocean Alliance to make a new street theatre work aimed to highlight the high cost of plastic consumption in Cambodia.

Called ANGKOR ROO, it uses the concept of ‘eco-repetition’- the main character, a local rooster, has his beloved hen killed by plastic waste. In every rural village in the country the morning call by the cocky bird reinforces the eco message.

The show uses modern spoken drama, slapstick, traditional hand-made leather puppets, recycled costumes and a mix of traditional Khmer and western instruments.

The work premiered at the United Nations’ World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur in February 2018, and has since been picked up and sponsored by GAEA, Siem Reap’s garbage collection company, to spread the positive message to locals schools and villages.


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