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Flames and buffaloes, high spirits and a rush for adventure! What more could you ask for in the dramatic, fantastical world of puppetry and action theatre?

Puppets are a blend of many art forms- music, choreography, poetry, costume and craft- all illuminated and brought to life with the flickering flame. The stories can be vulgar folk tales or sublime meditations on great myths. They can be epic, or jocular or be political and socially conscious.

The master of Bambu Puppets is the tenacious and warm-hearted SORN Soran. His dad is a fisherman on the Tonle Sap, his mum makes the best smoked fish in the village. As a teenager Soran saw his family struggle. He moved in with a local craftsman, a renowned puppeteer who had a small school and workshop for children of the community. Soran learnt fast.

In 2015 he approached Bambu Stage for a home to set up a company. We instantly agreed.

Young, spirited and sometime a little crazy, the twelve members of the Bambu Puppet troupe have now become polished performers of many traditional and modern art forms.

They now have three major works in their repertoire. All shows use spoken word, traditional Cambodian puppetry, object theatre and live music. Subtitles are projected onto a screen. Each performance is preceded by a short introduction to puppet making and after the show the audience is invited onstage to engage and play for themselves.

Puppet making workshops where youngsters can learn to make a puppet occur in the daytimes. Call or email to get details.

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