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Congratulations! Through guile, strength, good politics and the spilling of a large amount of blood, you have become the new monarch of Angkor Kingdom. But how do you cement your reign against usurpers and promote your newly won royal power?

“How to Build a Temple” is a one-hour interactive show that helps you use your personal, religious and financial powers to build an impressive monument to your reign. You need to cement alliances, raise taxes, hire a good architect and choose a site. And don’t forget the budget for the opening party.

Using a large interactive model, live sketching and video projections, the Bambu Stage team helps you plan your kingdom. Please leave knives and poisoned chalice at the door. We provide the food.

This story emerged during a trip to a mountain range north of Siem Reap with Wab Peakday.
The location, amongst the canopy of towering trees, was magical. A small shrine had been built by the local villagers to honour the spirits of the jungle and they had placed in the shrine pottery shards from the kiln.

These spirits, or Neak Ta, are still an important part of everyday life in Cambodia where the Buddhist and local spirit worlds happily co-exist. This tradition stretches back millennia. Way back before Angkor, even before rice cultivation seeped down from China five thousand years ago.

This was the key to understanding the temples. That small shrine is a simplistic version of the grandiose temples of touristic fame.

Now we present those keys to you, you can unlock the story to any temple with them.

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