Create, Make, Play!

Bambu Puppet Workshops are great way to learn, connect and develop your puppetry skills. Perfect for student groups, corporate team building, families, and anyone who wants a fun and unique experience.

Led by a Bambu Stage Puppeteer, each workshop takes about three hours and takes you through the process of creating and using traditional leather puppets. You’ll learn how the leather is cured and prepared, how to draw patterns and carve them out by hand, and how to manipulate finished puppets to create a shadow puppet show.

Workshops are tailored to the ages and abilities of the participants and are led by professional Cambodian artists. You’ll leave with a beautiful puppet, a two-minute video of your puppet show, and a greater understanding of the art of puppetry in Cambodia.

Need an extra reason to book a workshop?

Bambu Puppet Workshops are a powerful vehicle for arts education and job creation.

Each workshop leader is:

  • A professional artist in Cambodia
  • Working towards the revival of traditional art forms
  • Rebuilding the country’s artistic and cultural scene

Email us to book a workshop.